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You asked (and then you asked again!), so here we are. For those in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill interested in tackling a room at a time, on their own for a flat fee, we are offering this in-person design experience with Heather. She, along with her Director of Decoration Melissa McEvoy, will spend a morning in your home (along with iPads and the Internet!) to provide you with design direction and a shopping list of readymade items to fuel your project. After taking a few minutes together to review your inspirational Pinterest board, Instagram albums, magazines, etc (you decide!) and talking through your space priorities, Heather and Melissa will huddle to develop your plan. They'll emerge with a space plan, design concept of specific picks for your space, and a Pinterest board with links of accessible items to purchase from online retailers as you wish. Heather will end your session with a review of the plans -- and, following her visit, you'll receive a link to your own Google Drive folder containing all of the material and a comprehensive strategy created by our firm...just for you. Click through for a window into what you can expect to see and do with Design Drop!

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