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Heather Garrett Interior Design in Raleigh, Durham NC, & Naples FL

Heather Garrett Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm that transforms spaces into comfortable homes that soothe, nurture, and help people repair.

Heather is passionate about her work because she has experienced the transformative power of interior design firsthand. She turned her loft into a shelter and haven for herself and her family, and it changed her life. Now, she wants to provide that same experience for others.

Heather and her team of experienced designers work closely with each client to understand their individual needs and desires. They create spaces that are both elegant and sophisticated, yet warm and inviting. They believe that the best designs are created through collaboration, and they are committed to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for their clients.

If you're looking for an interior design firm that can help you create a home that you love, contact Heather Garrett Interior Design today.


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