Raleigh, Durham,Chapel Hill NC:

Luxury property in the Triangle

Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are drawing families from all parts of the world to join our universities, medical centers, pharmaceutical and tech companies. NC is on the rise.


At the same time, more frequently our local clients-on-the-move are looking for the next adventure after completing projects with us.

A few years ago, I began to wonder: do these buyers have the same need? Help imagining, finding, creating and settling into the perfect new spot? If we could carry on the work of a realtor, long after the sale, helping turn the house into a fully designed home? Now this was making a connection. Fast forward...

We are now a fully licensed firm providing decoration, design build, relocation and NC real estate services to those in search of a turn-key solution in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and beyond. Let us help you relocate from California, start a search for something fresh right around the corner, or begin to articulate your dream of building a luxury home you've designed through real estate in NC.

Heather Garrett Realty, luxury homes for sale in Raleigh Durham and Chapel Hill.

Heather has a list of things to consider for her clients when thinking about a new home. Curious?

Considering a new home?  Meet broker MAREL SHAFFER WOODY

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Marel (Mahr-L!) says she's living her best life right now, getting back into real estate after giving her license a rest so she could raise her two children. A second-generation Durham native, Marel followed her mother into the field after attending UNC's Kenan Flagler School of Business (and crushing it at Peace College playing D1 women's tennis before that). She became a interior design client of ours, but after the tennis and the kids, she couldn't shake the feeling that she belonged back in the property hunt. As our luck would have it, Marel's interest in sparking joy again with real estate timed perfectly with our effort expanding in that very direction. Together, Heather and Marel - each a licensed NC broker - are teaming up to help those new to the Triangle find their way into the life we love so much. (And for all things Durham real estate, whether buying or selling, Marel's your secret weapon.)

Marel's Current  Listings...

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