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At Home in Naples: Timeless Interior Design Trends to Try

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Interior design increases your vacation home investment, while ensuring the look and feel you're hoping for. Naples, Florida, is an extremely popular destination for anyone wishing to buy a luxury property. As a turn-key interior design firm, we can help achieve your goals for finishing your home and securing your investment.

We'll talk about some of the interior design themes that may be appropriate for your Naples home, making it feel warm and also have the visual appeal of a standout property.

Intterior design by Heather Garrett in Naples, FL

Moroccan tile

Moroccan tile's rich colors and distinctive patterns provide warmth to any indoor luxury setting, and evokes the seaside experience similar to the Gulf Coast's original inspiration in Naples, Italy. This material is made by regional craftsmen in Morocco utilizing age-old techniques.

African Mud Cloth

African mud cloth, also known as bògòlanfini, is traditionally from the Malian culture and is painted with clay. It is traditionally used for camouflage, ritual protection, or as a status symbol or commemoration of coming-of-age, but consider asking an interior designer firm in Naples to incorporate African mud cloth into your scheme if you're drawn to one-of-a-kind items with a story. Think creatively when displaying textiles, such as draping them over a dining table, laying them over a bench or sofa back, or even hanging them on the wall as artwork.

Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are a traditional trend in home design that can be modernized with the appropriate selection of colors and patterns. Combining scales, motifs, and cultural traits can result in a layered, traveled appearance that breathes fresh life into something that would have previously looked ordinary. When combining styles, take your time; move slowly, be open-minded, and let the best interior designer in Naples help you find the rug that works for your interior.

English leather furniture

In Naples, English leather club chairs are popular in luxury interior design plans. This furniture, which has a history from the 1930s, introduces a traditional vibe that gives any place a sense of history. When used as statement pieces, they can be balanced with fresh white linen for a dramatic appearance or coupled with a range of design types, such as a rich fabric Chesterfield sofa or a simpler piece with a classic Belgian roll arm. The interior design community in Naples has come to value the English leather club chair's adaptability and elegance for an effect that's sophisticated and timelessness.

in Summary...

By incorporating these styles, your Naples home can stay on-trend and stylish. Work with a professional interior designer in Naples, FL, or an interior design firm in Naples to create a luxury interior design that meets your needs and preferences.


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