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Coastal interior design for your Naples Home

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Coastal interior design services in Naples, FL

Do you want to infuse your home with the coastal beauty of Naples, Florida? Incorporating the shore’s natural beauty into your daily life through color, textiles and hardscapes can transform your space into the tranquil oasis you’re looking for. Here are some ways you can use interior design to achieve an on-trend, elegant, and coastal inspired interior.

Soothing Whites

Shades of white are the quintessential color palette for coastal decor. From the muted blues of the ocean to the soft whites of the beach, these colors can create a calming and serene atmosphere in your home. Mixing shades can help create a more sophisticated look. Use these colors in your upholstery, wall art, and decor to evoke the feeling of being by the shore.

Nautical Accents

Nautical accents like rope, flags, anchors, and boat imagery are classic symbols of coastal design. To keep these elements subtle and sophisticated, look for pieces that have an authentic feel or a sense of history. An antique sailing flag can provide a pop of color and interest, while an aged metal anchor or bit of rope can add a subtle texture that rounds out the space. Be careful about the quantity of nautical accents. Too many of these elements can bring the level of sophistication down, or cause the inspiration of the ocean to feel too literal.

Natural Materials

One of the benefits of coastal living is being surrounded by an abundance of beautiful natural materials. Using elements like wood and stone, and natural fibers like jute in your interiors will bring the outdoors in. Wood accents in driftwood and bamboo can add texture and warmth, while stone surfaces like marble and granite can add a touch of luxury. Jute rugs and woven baskets are a perfect addition for a casual, coastal style. Remember to balance natural materials throughout your home for a clean and elegant look.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants provide a living element that works as a focal point and also helps improve air quality. Using lush greenery in hand made pottery or natural fiber baskets can turn a plant into a piece of art. Always check to make sure the placement of your plants suit the light requirements needed to thrive. Use low light plants in areas further from direct sunlight, and high light plants near windows and glass doors. If a faux plant is needed instead, take inspiration from the naturally occurring vegetation near beaches in your area.

Whether you prefer a minimalist or more maximalist approach, the ocean can be an endless source of inspiration for your home’s interior design. Use these tips to help achieve your goals, or let our luxury interior design firm create the perfect space for you to relax and enjoy the coastal beauty of Naples, Florida.


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